For years I’ve struggled understanding the verb “abide” in the Christian vernacular. I’m not sure why. The word makes sense to me in other contexts. For instance, I am a “law-abiding” citizen! So this morning I happened to be spending some time in John. John 15 to be exact.

I know the Lord has got a lot more “pruning” to do as I continue to strive to remain in Him. But my desire is to be a Christ-follower that is not only faithful, but also fruitful. He has promised that if we remain in Him our joy will overflow! I know that I must consistently spend time with Him in order for this to happen. For me, it’s too easy to fall into a busy routine and focus on other things. That’s when I catch myself too… reacting to a crisis in the flesh, forgetting to put people before projects, forsaking balance in my life, feeling depleted and empty at the end of the day.

What an encouragement it is that Jesus considers us a FRIEND! I know I can go to Him any time, anywhere in oder to get centered and remain in Him.