How do I know that I’ll go to heaven when I die?

Just wondering about the answer to this question is a great place to start. If you’re like me, you may have thought that living a life as a decent person would be enough to get you into heaven. 

God does desire to spend eternity with you. He created us to be with Him. There’s only one problem… our earliest ancestor, Adam, sinned against God and sin entered the world from then on. Since the entry to heaven is perfection, we pretty much fall short. It doesn’t really matter how hard we try, any and all of our sins separate us from God and keep us from spending eternity with Him. It’s like trying to swim across the ocean – some of us may make it a bit farther, but we’d all end up drowning.

Tough stuff. I’m not sure what was worse news for me: the fact that all the “good” stuff I’d done didn’t really “count” as a step in the right direction, or the fact that no mattter how much “good” I put my mind to doing, it would never cut it. Pretty hopeless. Stink!

Guess what? This is only half the story! God made a way. Remember, He really DOES want to spend eternity with me and you. He sent his Son to us. The crazy part is that He had Him live among us as “part man, part God” for thirty something years just so that we’d see His love for us and understand the value of His sacrifice. What sacrifice? The blood of his Son to pay the price for our sins.

You see crosses everywhere these days. It’s a symbol we’ve become used to seeing, especially in America, and it seems to carry different meanings for everyone. The truth is… it symbolizes our “entrance fee” to heaven. Jesus Christ died an unbelievably gruesome death in order to secure a place for us. The only thing He asks from us is BELIEF. The belief that His life was not given in vain. The belief that we are saved from an eternity in a terrible place called hell because we have trusted in Him.

That’s it. He died so we could live forever in heaven. If this makes sense to you, this is a good place to stop reading and pray. Before you do though, remember this: Don’t worry about how to say things “right.” God doesn’t care how articulate you are. He only cares about your heart. So pour it out to Him.

If you’re back after making this decision, you now have the answer to the question above! You can be SURE. By the way, this isn’t something that “comes and goes.” This decision sticks. You will probably blow it (just like I have), but don’t worry… you can’t get kicked out! Isn’t that awesome?

Can I ask you a favor? Will you email me at and let me know? Welcome to the family!

What do I do if I’m a brand new Christian?

  1. Tell someone. Accountability is huge. It’s best to tell someone who is also a Christian, but if you tell someone who isn’t be sure to tell them the Good News too and you can both grow together!
  2. Get a Bible. You can purchase one just about anywhere these days. I prefer the New Living Translation, but you may like something else. It’s a pretty personal decision. If you can’t afford one, email or call me and I will get one for you as a gift – it would be my pleasure!
  3. Start diving into the Word. Start with John or Romans. Read. Pray. Ask God to help you understand. (Again, don’t worry about method. Just go for it!) God has given you an invisible gift called the Holy Spirit (you’ll find out more about this as you read and study). Don’t freak out, but He’s inside you! Anyway, He will help you understand what God is saying and wants you to know.
  4. Find a church. Absolutely a must! God wants you to be surrounded by other folks who are like-minded. Here are a couple: Grace Church, Northern Hills Christian Church. Again, if you need help, email or call me.
  5. Don’t ever, ever, ever give up. Remember, you can’t get kicked out of the family. However, there’s always some rough spots as you begin this new journey as a Christian. It will probably be hard to face old friends, change old habits, and find room for your new commitment. Keep with it. It’s worth it. If you need encouragement, just let me know.

Is there some sort of “study” for a new Christian?

Yes, check this out from Dare 2 Share.

How do I share my Christian faith?

Check out The GOSPEL Journey. It gives you the basics. Be sure to pray for your friend or family member (before, during, after). And don’t forget that your own “rescue” story personalizes the message. Just don’t forget that HIS story is the most important!

For help with certain beliefs, check this out from Dare 2 Share. [Scroll down to: “How to Share Your Faith With…”]

What if I have more questions about Christianity?

There’s a great tool called Soul Fuel. It’s written by a good friend and great guy who really knows his stuff. I won’t list his credential here, but let’s just say he knows what he’s talking about. His name is Lane Palmer. Soul Fuel is a kind of devotion that answers a basic question about Christianity. It’s written for students, but don’t let that stop you if you’re an adult. You can check out the archive or signup to receive it weekly via email. If you’re a parent or youth leader, there is special editions you may want to check out too!

How do I find out more about Dare 2 Share?

Glad you asked! You can surf the website, but here are a couple of quick links too:

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