It’s that time of year. The Colorado weather is constantly changing and it’s impossible to keep the outside of the car clean. So I stocked up on that helpful blue liquid that squirts on to the windshield from some secret place under the hood just to be sure that I can push a button and magically be able to see where I’m going. Yep, seeing where I’m going is pretty stinking important.

But sometimes the magic blue liquid just isn’t enough. The two semi-circle openings clear the way for me to see okay, but there comes a point when I just need to completely clean the entire surface in order to get a clearer picture of where I am headed. That’s how life can be at times too. Especially over the holiday season. I have been rushing from one thing to the next, clearing the way for me to just see through.

But now it’s time to clean off the entire pane of glass and gain some perspective. It’s 2014 and I believe that God has some great adventures in store for me. I just need to stop for a minute and clean the windshield.