About every 6-8 weeks me and hubby make a “Costco run.” Conviently, there’s a nice store not far from our church so this errand is usually taken care of on a Sunday afternoon. Today was the day. The only difference between this time and the many other trips we’ve made is that today we went to a friend’s home for lunch beforehand, delaying our usual Costco time by a couple hours.

One of the great things about shopping at Costco are the wonderful “sample stands” setup at the end of many of the aisles. They are manned by pleasant senior citizens (almost always) who offer you a tasty sample of one of the products they sell. Children flock to these carts begging for parent’s permission to partake. And I just know there’s a whole group of folks who intentionally skip lunch so they can walk around and scoop up samples!

Today, though, I noticed something more. Sample recipients quickly became “zombies” as they reveled the taste of each bite-sized freebie. They would stop in the middle of the aisle completely unaware of anyone around them who may be waiting. Then if and when they decided to move, their feet would just drag along the ground, barely making any progress.

I’m not exactly sure what was going on. Did someone come through and secretly drop “zombie juice” into each little sample as a halloween prank? Or is it because our precious Broncos didn’t have a game today and folks had nothing else to do?

Whatever the reason, it pretty much droze me nuts.