Our church is working through a series on Luke. Today the sermon centered on Luke 22 – the Last Supper. Not having grown up “churched” like most of my friends, this sacrament is one that I never grow tired of learning about. The reverant remembrance of Christ’s work on the cross never fails to stir up something in me and today was no different.

But today, as Rob taught, he brought up the fact that the disciples heard Jesus claim that the one who would betray him was sitting right there with them and each of them began to wonder if they were the one.  I found myself reflecting on this last week. Then I heard Rob teach about the personal introspection that should be a part of our communion experience.

So I went there. I pulled up the “tapes” from this last week for an inside out inventory of my behavior. Monday – okay. Tuesday – okay. Wednesday – oh yeah… a few emergencies at the office to respond to… how’d I do? If I was grading myself, maybe a C+, possibly a B. Thursday – blizzard – yep, things started heading south. I remember having to find a quiet spot for repentance. Friday? Seems that attitude of repentance didn’t really help much, by mid-afternoon I was back sliding again.

All that to say, I am SO thankful for God’s grace and mercy! I know these inside out moments are necessary for my relationship to grow in Him, but if it wasn’t for the hope I have in Christ they sure would be depressing!