Thank you so much for praying with me this last week! I wanted to be sure to post a quick update:

  • Jane is home from the hospital and preparing for the chemo and radiation she will start soon. This is a new cancer in Stage III so please pray for complete healing. Her faith and strength through this ordeal continue to inspire me! Pray that God continues to provide in this way too.
  • Emily and Tina are both recovering well. It was a long road, but it looks like both will be okay soon.
  • TJ went to the doctor and was able to receive treatment and meds for under $100! He is feeling a lot better.
  • I went to the doctor with mom and it was a productive visit. She spent about an hour with us and we are on our way to figuring out what the source of the problem is. Mom has lots of physical challenges, so continue to pray if you think about it.
  • D2S continues to struggle just as many other non-profits are right now. Pray the requests that are pending, that the Lord provides a way for those with the heart to join the cause also have the resources to give as the Lord leads.
  • Creativity and strategic thinking was not a problem last week! The team made some great progress – thank you for your prayers!