Prayer has always seemed like an amazing privelege to me. And this past year even more so as I have really dove in and taken it seriously. In hindsight I’m not sure what changed. It could be that I was going through some sort of spiritual crisis. Or maybe a mid-life crisis? Who knows. But I suppose it doesn’t really matter much as long as my prayer life is growing and going.

Today I spent some time studying passages that illustrate God’s response to prayer. Hezekiah pleaded with the Lord, crying out for healing (Isaiah 38). Peter was miraculously released from prison after the church fervently went to the Lord in prayer (Acts 12). Fellow believers, God has given us an opportunity to bring Him the requests of our heart. We should take this seriously!

So I would like to ask you to pray with me about a few things that are heavy on my heart. Will you join me in prayer? If so, then thank you. God will hear us. And I will wait on Him and trust His answers when they come…

  1. Healing for Jane – Jane is a faithful servant who has plodded away at Dare 2 Share for several years as a program coordinator, writer, editor, and recently content manager. She is a quiet pillar of strength devoted to communication and Truth. Diagnosed with breast cancer awhile ago, Jane took the news like a warrior. Surgery and treatment was going fairly well until a couple of weeks ago when she heard she had signs of uterine cancer. A full hysterectomy was hoped to be the end, but it isn’t. She needs to go through chemo and radiation too.
  2. Recovery for Tina and Emily – good friends of ours, Tony and Kris, headed to Ft. Collins to be with their daughter Tina as she gave birth to new little granddaughter Emily. The pregnancy had been normal, so no complications were anticipated. But a sudden C-section was required and Tina lost a lot of blood. She would require transfusions and has been too weak to even hold little Emily. Emily has problems of her own. What they thought was pneumonia is now looking like some sort of infection – bacterial or viral, doctors don’t yet know. She is in the newborn intensive care unit.
  3. TJ’s health – with TJ taking his last class for his degree we knew we were taking on some risk with him not having any health insurance. For the last few days he’s had a chronic problem that may need some medical attention if it doesn’t start subsiding.
  4. Mom’s health and travel safety – my mom has had numerous health issues, but the last few months has experienced so much weight loss that is alarming. She is down to 120 pounds and counting. I am going with her to her GI specialist next week to try to get some answers. Her and Dad are headed to Vegas for a wedding over the weekend, so I hope she is able to relax and enjoy without being sick.
  5. Ministry provision – The recession has hit many ministries hard and Dare 2 Share is not an exception. God has provided some amazing opportunities this coming week that could siginificantly bless the ministry! Several meetings out-of-state for Greg and some significant follow-up calls along with the submission of a couple of key strategic foundation proposals – pray for favor.
  6. Creative and strategic energy – there are also some pretty important meetings going on this week. We will be working with our program and production team on next year’s tour and new product ideas. We are also going to Colorado Springs on Friday to work with the Dare 2 Share Korea folks. We need an extra dose of creative and strategic energy during this time. We have been functioning in reaction mode for a few months so the shift back up to 30,000 feet will be tough.

Thanks for praying with me this week. I appreciate your fellowship and love. God bless you!