There it was. Sitting right on the kitchen table when I came downstairs to get breakfast. His cap and gown and “keepsake” tassle!

I can’t even believe that my son is graduating from college! I am so proud of his achievement. His journey over the past few years has taken him down some crazy roads, but he set his mind on prioritizing the value of getting a college education and stuck with it. His determination and persistence inspires me and I truly believe that this experience has created a man who will be a loyal, creative, hard-working professional.

He has had plenty of opportunities to give up and go a different direction. But he chose to personally sacrifice in order to make this happen. Wow! Along the way Rick and I have encouraged him to make decisions on his own and for his own reasons and this hasn’t always been easy for him. But he worked through it and he is now an AMAZING man of character!

I have to admit, I will be the proudest mom ever as I see my kid grab ahold of that college diploma. I know that he has beat the odds. And he is also the first one in our families to hold a bachelors degree!

But what excites me most about this is what comes next… watching him enter the marketplace, seeing him apply his incredible gifts (he is a great writer and also has a talented “eye” for capturing a unique angle from behind a camera), witnessing new relationships being developed, seeing him step into complete independance. What a remarkable season as a parent!

Congratulations TJ! You’ve worked so hard. Dad and I are so incredibly proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished! We can’t wait to see what God will do in your life next…