Do you ever flip through television channels? Well, I don’t very often (mostly because I honestly believe that it takes testosterone to operate a remote control). But the other day I happened to be folding some laundry and decided to see what was on in order to make the chore a bit less routine. Somehow or another I ended up being intrigued by the “World Poker Tournament” I came across. I now know of at least three men who have played professionaly and I find that pretty interesting. I have never played the game personally, but obviously it’s becoming quite the “sport” (?)

I watched as a sunglass-wearing, straight-faced young man declared he was “all in.” It must have been a big deal, because the commentators went on and on about how strategic a move it was. Well, I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what happened — yep, I kept flipping! But I found myself thinking about it again while I was at church this Sunday. (sorry Rob!)

Rob was preaching on Romans 12 talking to us about our bodies being a “living sacrifice” and exhorting us to consider how God had gifted each of us to serve the Body of Christ. That’s when I thought… am I “all in?” Have I really given Him everything I have?

Knowing nothing about poker, I looked up the term on wiki. Apparently when the player goes all in he is betting everything he has. But here’s the catch: he can’t win any more than he has from any one player. So, in essence, he “caps” the pot.

What more do we gain by going “all in” for our Savior! He promises that our return will come back many times. We may not see our return this side of eternity, but it is a SURE THING!