That was the expression that sent me and my wonderful hubby into side-splitting, almost crying but not quite, laughter during our 25-year anniversary getaway this past weekend.

There we were just enjoying a nice meal at our newly discovered great breakfast spot in Carbondale when somehow I responded to a comment with a very nonchalant “crazy.” “Who did you pick that up from?” Rick asks. “I didn’t pick it up from anyone, it’s mine,” I declare. And, well, if you know Rick you know what followed. Yep. A very sarcastic “oh really…” Then it happened – lots and lots of LOL!

What a great few days in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been (Redstone, CO) with the most fabulous person I have ever known (my husband). Along with the postcard picture perfect scenery and unbelievable weather, Rick made this one of our most memorable excursions ever.

It started with 25 long-stem roses – one for each year – as I walked in the door on Wednesday evening after a long day at work. Then we headed out for one amazing anniversary meal at Texas de Brazil – a champagne toast, endless european salad bar, and all the meat you can eat. The kicker was creme brulee (my most favorite desert in the world) with a hint of citrus! Yum!

In Redstone, we stayed in a cozy and charming victorian cottage right on main street, but well hidden by incredible landscaping. We felt like a part of this quaint community. The people were friendly and there were a couple of great food spots and some fun shops to visit. It wasn’t packed with tourists (which was so nice) but we did spend one afternoon in Glenwood (about an hour away) to visit the Strawberry Days Festival – plenty of folks there!

We went fishing and belly boating, toured the 100-year-old castle, explored the history of the area, slept in, spent time in our own backyard hot tub, watched a movie, shared thoughts on a Louie Giglio video, barbequed, slept in, and just enjoyed each other’s company!!

Thank you Rick- for 25 incredible years of partnership! I love growing old with you!