My quest continues and my studies have led me to Proverbs 9. God paints a picture of a beautiful banquet, in a beautiful home, with a beautifully set table. And the invitation to this feast is sent to all, even the simple. The host of this wonderful meal? Wisdom. All we have to do is show up and partake.

But wait… later in the chapter it looks there’s another option available too. Yep, it’s wisdom’s counterpart, folly. Her feast sounds interesting, maybe even a bit more tasteful. Hmm…

As I study further and read through the notes in my Bible it’s clear what the passage is trying to say. Folly is offering a sort of heigtened “fast food ” experience that could get me into trouble. Ever eat something that tastes super good but then later you pay for it? I think that’s the point here.

Folly appeals to your senses, your emotions – where wisdom appeals more to your head, what you know to be right if you’d slow down and think about it.

I want to eat at wisdom’s table, how about you?