This isn’t the first time I’ve intentionally began this quest. It’s just the first time I’ve decided to “write out loud”  about it (that’s what I call blogging – as opposed to “writing quietly” ie. journaling).

It began in Proverbs 2. I wasn’t even planning on studying it. I just went to my favorite coffee spot to spend a few hours or so immersed in His Word (I am steadily still working through Matthew), and somehow God led me there. I wish I could remember how or even why, but I can’t. All I know is that since last Monday I have been consumed with this quest once again.

I have prayed and prayed. I’ve gone back to the Scriptures and spent concentrated time in many different passages. I’ve even talked with a few folks about it. Now 6 days since this new quest began, I am still left with more questions than answers. I am not sure what to expect, but I will share it with you as I can.

Tune your ears to wisdom… concentrate on understanding… cry out for insight… ask for understanding… search for them as you would silver…

Although many passages of Scripture talk about how wisdom is God’s gift to us, it seems as though He is telling us (is this a command?) to actively and earnestly look for it. My sense is that we need to do this first – THEN he grants us the gift. But I don’t know that for sure. And if we do tune our ears, concentrate, cry out, ask, search, seek… how do we know when the “gift” has been received? It’s not like He knocks on our door and leaves a wrapped present for us!

Is the second half of our part to take the time to wait for that wisdom from Him before acting? Hmmm… if that is true, than I’m in a world of trouble! I can’t remember a decision, personal or professional, where I truly WAITED for God’s wisdom! Not that I’m a reckless goof… but I am an “achievement addict”  who spends hours upon hours “doing.” 

Lord, help me to honestly and consistently take the time to listen quietly for Your soft voice.

Until next time.