“How do I look?” Women around the world have been asking their spouses this for years. Smart men have figured out the art of avoiding the question or, even more difficult, how to always give a complimentary answer. For Rick and I, we’ve never really had strong opinions about each other’s attire. It’s been a fairly easy area of our 25 years together.

Recently though, I found myself having a strong opinion about one particular item of Rick’s wardrobe.  And to make matters even a bit more complicated, it happended to be something that was given as a gift. But at the risk of offending this good-intentioned gift-giver (who I love very much), I decided to share the story anyway.

The “not-so-liked” offensive article? A long sleeved button-up shirt with big turkeys and pheasants and maybe even some other fowl that can be hunted and killed spread out ALL over it! Yes, my Cabelas-card-carrying husband loves it! So much that he decided to wear it (along with shorts mind you) last year at a leadership staff get together we were hosting! Personally, I think he was just messing with me since I have such strong feelings about this particular shirt and he knew that if he waited until everyone was here and then came down with it on it would cause a reaction… and it worked!

It bothers me that I really dislike this shirt so much. It also seems as though my dislike has helped Rick to love the shirt even more. I keep trying not to care… but it’s not working.

Then, as I was receiving counsel from a friend, I learned that this is not uncommon. She too had some strong feelings about a few of her husbands wardrobe choices. Then I talked to another friend. Yep! She too had some issues. Wow! Maybe we should start a support group! Or at least a website to share photos so that other women like us won’t feel alone.

So whether it’s sweater vests, plaid shirts, old t-shirts, dirty baseball caps, falling apart tennis shoes, or a turkey shirt… take heart – you are amongst many other women who feel your pain!