All my life I remember my father being able to fix anything. Not only could he fix anything, but he could build anything! He was not a professional carpenter nor a trained craftsman, he just constantly “tinkered” around in the garage and shop. His methods were (and still are) sometimes unorthodox – he is definatey the “MacGyver” of the family!

This last week my favorite handy man had his kidney removed. The man who always fixed everything is laying in a hospital bed this evening 4 days post-op struggling to recover. He is gaining strength by the minute, but it has been rough.

It may be because I am my father’s only “little girl” and have always put him on a pedestal, but I just never imagined that I would see him struggle like this.  I am so thankful that he is getting better and I am reminded that we are all (no matter what our childhood perceptions lead us to believe) just fragile beings that are only here on this earth through the grace of God.

Please continue to pray for my favorite handy man and ask God to heal him quickly and use this to cement and strengthen his faith in Him.