Once more, my friend Mr. Ortberg has hit me square between the eyes. As he explains the bondage that this addiction has over many, I suddenly realize that I am right there at the front of the line, looking for a “fix” around every corner. Here are just a few of the signs:

  • Feeling hurt by what others think of us.
  • Habitually comparing ourselves to others.
  • Being competitive in the most ordinary situations.
  • A nagging sense that we aren’t important enough, or special enough.
  • Being envious of another’s success.
  • Trying to impress important people.

So, the question for me to consider is this: “To whom do I belong?” As I ponder this question it seems so easy to answer. “Of course I belong to GOD!” Then why do I long for approval? All my life I’ve longed for the attention of others. Even as an independant and rebellious teenager, I was still searching desperately to belong and be loved.

I am convinced that this is an addiction that is not conquered very easily. It is a “forever-hungry” monster that cannot always be seen by others. I search for approval from my boss, peers, colleagues, husband, son… and even my parents (still!). Rather than focusing on doing what is right, I can become distracted by my desire to gain approval from others. Maybe I’m afraid of standing alone. If everyone is with me, if they approve of who I am and what I’m doing, than I am less vulnerable. Right?

Wrong. Can I seek the approval of the only One who matters and be okay if I am standing alone? I am afraid. Maybe I don’t truly believe that God will give me the confidence I need to carry on. I honestly don’t know. All I know is that He tells me through His Word that I do belong to Him and that He will never leave me or forsake me.

I know I will constantly struggle with this addiction and it may be the source of a lot of my unhealthy behavior. So please pray with me that I can seek to please the only One that matters…