It’s getting closer to the beginning of Fall in Colorado and our mornings are starting to become brisk. I love the weather this time of year because it always seems to come right when my tolerance for the summer heat is wearing thin. Today’s weather though… “keep the armour close” weather. Just like having that umbrella handy for those late summer rainshowers. Take a look at what I mean:

3:00 am:

  • I awake with a burning in my chest that I just can’t shake. Do I get up and down a few “tums” to make my heartburn supside? Of course not. I just lie there and be miserable and fight with the dog for some extra legroom at the foot of the bed.

4:45 am:

  • Yep. Still awake. The dog growls. Rick is up and looking out the window. Teenage boys have decided to take up residence at this early hour in front of our house. They’re in and out of their vehicle doing “who knows what” but in any case, they shouldn’t be there.

5:10 am:

  • Rick calls 911.

5:18 am:

  • Police arrive. I finally take a tums. Both Rick and I sit in the dark, watching the “drama” out front through our bedroom window.

5:44 am:

  • Teenagers gone. Police gone. Back in bed and fighting again with the dog for legroom. I’m thinking I should just get dressed and go work out. Instead, I quietly fall back to sleep.

6:50 am:

  • OK. This day is officially starting. Guess I’ll get up and get ready to go on a walk with Rick and Schultz.
  • Guess not. Schultz went outside and ate weeds and then decided to come in and vomit on the newly cleaned carpet. Rick says there’s no walk for him today.

8:00 am:

  • Coffee. Deep breath. Talk with Greg. Maybe the “weather” today won’t be so bad.

9-11:00 am:

  • Business as usual… good.

11:00 am:

  • Message from staff. Even though there’s no execs in today the leader’s are feeling the “heat.” Oh yeah, it’s September. Only a couple of months before our teen conference tour. Stress is high and the warfare gets heavy. Hmmm… check my armour and pray while heading for a pastor’s lunch in the city.

1:10 pm:

  • The lunch went pretty well. Headed to the hospital. Mom has hand surgery scheduled at 2.

2:30 pm:

  • The surgeon’s late and mom is nervous. Dad’s cell rings and it’s my brother Dave. Bad news. He’s heard word that our youngest brother, Darin, has been in some sort of motorcycle accident but no one can reach him in Steamboat Springs to get more details firsthand.
  • Mom goes from nervous to worried.

3:50 pm:

  • Surgery went well. Mom’s ok.
  • Still no more about Darin.

4:30 pm:

  • Mom and Dad on their way home.
  • I decide to head home too making calls on the way.

5:00 pm:

  • Flowers and card from TJ. How sweet! They dress up the kitchen along with the roses from Rick last night. Did I mention today was my birthday?
  • Called Rick — “let’s get takeout.”

6:15 pm:

  • Dad’s talked to Darin. His hand is broken and he has staples in his elbow. His face is also pretty cutup but he’s ok. Whew! Another deep breath. Prayer – thanks for the armour Lord!

Then til now… quiet and reflective. Glad that armour was close by. (Read more about the armour.)