For the last couple of months Rick and I have been taking our new family addition on short walks every morning around 7. We adopted Schultz right around Father’s Day. The whole family took some time on a warm summer evening to attend an outdoor concert at Flatirons mall and well… came home with a 4-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer.

The walks have been great for us. They’re short (less than 15 minutes) and give us a chance to chat about the day ahead. What has been surprising for me is that these brief walks have revealed something about my wonderful husband that I had never known. Here we are, almost 25 years together, knowing virtually everything there is to know about each other. Or at least I thought…

My Bambi-killing, hunter/gatherer, mountain-man husband stops and “rescues” EVERY single worm that has somehow made his (or her – I’m not so sure how you tell the difference) way on to the cement path! It’s crazy! As soon as he sees one, he stops and gently picks it up and places it back on the grass. He says “it’s good for the grass” but I am not sure I believe him All I know is this… Every time I see him do it I smile. I take a moment to think about how easy it is for me to forget seemingly “small” things in my path – so consumed by where I am going that I don’t even take a second to look down at where I am.  I sure appreciate my guy – the “worm saver.”